Brand story

What is Klikko?

Klikko is a foldable multi-dimensional deformation building block.

With uniquely-designed combination of more than 20 varieties of ingenious and logically connected components,Klikko building blocks create a strong multidimensional intelligence development system.
While the kids are having fun in building up our Klikko blocks, they will explore interesting knowledge in such diverse aspects as geometry, physics, mathematics, modeling and so on, involving spatial relations, color recognition, folding and rotating, gear driving. The unique and ingenious combination of Klikko delivers to both kids and their parents amazement and fun beyond all comparison.
As a great innovation in intelligence toys, Klikko has been the premier choice of millions of families both in China and overseas.

The origin of Klikko

It is a toy of knowledge and inspiration , an innovation masterpiece of the collective wisdom of children psychologists, educationalists, sociologists and toy experts.

To create a better toy
As for toy products innovation and upgrading, Doctor. Song(a Harvard graduate), the creator of Kilkko, always believed there is no lack of quality products among various interlocking toys,however, a better choice is yet to be available tohelpkids develop their potential in a multidimensional way.
Great journey exploration
Till one day when he and his wife were playing with his kid, who was at the age of toy playing, Dr.Song realized the ideal toy he had dreamed of should be developed.The compelling desire of creating a better toy inspired him to begin a great journey of exploration.
constant innovation
Through trials and tests of ten thousands of times and subject to constant innovation and improving over a decade, our Klikko has been pulling the efforts of dozens of experts across diverse fields in diffrent regions to bring you the better choice of toy for kids all over the world.
After 10 years of confluence of cross-regional interdisciplinary researches, Klikko, a multidimensional intelligence development system was created and unveiled in 1998.
Thanks to its distinctiveness and innovation, Klikko won letter of patents in some countries and regions,including China, the United States, Japan, Canada, Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan in 2001.

Multidimensional Development

A Strong intelligence development system

Kilkko Multidimensional intelligence development system

The unique Multidimensional intelligence development system helps kids to comprehend and solve problems in multidimensional way while they are playing with more than 20 distinct building parts.
Building blocks require hand-brain coordination involving spatial observation, color recognition, structural building, logic reasoning, all of which directly facilitate the development of the brain in a multidimensional way

imagination ability

The creativity and imagination of kids will experience dramatic improvement in building different shaped blocks and their varieties.

coordination ability

The unique connecting parts of Klikko can effectively promote kid’s fine action development,and improve the coordination ability of both hands and the brain.

cognition ability

Kids will develop their ability in color cognition and matching with the comfortable and soft color matching of Klikko, and mobilize the emotional changes brought about by the color.

logic ability

Klikko helps kids to explore knowledge of logic in mathematics, geometry,and others. As learning by playing suggests, kids can acquire knowledge while they are having fun.

collaboration ability

Enhance kids ability of cooperation and communication while they are building blocks with their parents.

cognition ability

Kids learn to identify diverse shapes as triangles,quadrangles, and other polygons by playing with Klikko. In addition, they will recognize the different roles of different shapes in the Klikko system.

recognition ability

kids will build the blocks into various shapes and structures with more than 20 unique parts,which is beneficial to their spatial recognition ability.

thinking ability

To prevent kids from approaching and solving any problem narrow-mindedly,the innovative Klikko system helps kids to develop their potential in multidimensional way.

The uniqueness of Klikko

Klikko stands out above other intelligence toys as it is well received by both consumers and the industry. It is rated as the first-class of its kind for its 3 iconic major advantages.

Multiple connections

Different from connections of magnetic pieces, Lego and other building blocks, Klikko boasts much more diverse connections such as double or triple linkage,four-bar linkage, triangle or hexagonal linkage, hook connceting rod, sleeve gear and bayonet coupling. Klikko is the leading brand of its kind for it is rich in shapes and connection modes.

Ingenious gear driving

Dinstinct from simple rolling wheels of other building blocks, blocks of Klikko can perform the function of rolling, transmission, connection and of being directly embedded.

Magic folding changes

Different from magnetic pieces and other building blocks of simple changes,Klikko provides an overwhelming multidimensional block changes with amazingcombinations and varieties of changes through stretching, rotating, pressing, twisting folding and extension. The fun is endless!

Klikko`s Concept

More dimensional, more interesting, more inspiring!

Klikko sticks to the core concept of “more dimensional, more interesting, more inspiring” and carries it out in the development of product categories, game features and educational functions.
Meanwhile, Klikko advocates the initiative idea of “being interesting, being situational, being animating and being growing”.Have Klikko, have joys and progress!

Klikko`s Development

More dimensional, more interesting, more inspiring!

Klikko`s Global Marketing

Till now, Klikko has market shares in more than 20 countries and regions and has developed the international selling network, with a wide popularity in millions of families in the world.

Klikko`s Family

Klikko is everyone’s Klikko! Welcome to Klikko family!

Klikko is born for all the Klikko fans in the whole world.

Every suggestion and inquiry from you is and will be taken seriously by Klikko’s engineers and visionaries which will finally be found in the upgrading products.

Klikko is a big open family which every kid and parent can take part in and share the fun and experience in multidimensional mental development games.

At the same time Klikko is perfecting the membership service system all the time. In the big family, you can not only experience the quality products but also enjoy the upgrading membership service!

Come to us, the Klikko family! Let’s begin the exploration journey of multidimensional mental development!